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Food, Snow & FOCUS

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We are absolutely stoked to have linked up with Justin and his team who are currently creating a lifestyle show all about food and snow. Pretty much two things that we absolutely love. The last few years has seen us play shows in Queenstown and Wanaka in New Zealand, playing shows on the Mountain at Coronet Peak and Cardrona, among other venues around the Otago region, as well as Perisher and Thredbo in Australia, and Hakuba, Japan. We can’t get enough of the snow and to be a small part of this show is amazing. SnowChef will be launching as a YouTube series in May 2019. You can find all the details here - - and don’t forget if you haven’t already, go spin our tunes on Spotify ( or iTunes (





It’s hard to believe FOCUS is now a month old! So much time and energy went into this album and we have had so much great feedback so far! We’ve had a couple of blog reviews and heaps of re-shares on socials and Spotify plus a bunch of radio stations have been playing it across Australia! So thank you for helping us make that happen. Up until now we have been offering the album as a free download, however, as independent musicians we can’t do that forever. So from today we are selling the album for $9.99 and up until the end of January if you purchase FOCUS we will chuck in our previous self-titled EP for free! So please keep listening and telling your friends, family, pets and anyone else you can think of!  


If you ever wonder what independent musicians do, it’s a little something like this…

Just kidding. We are super hard at work already on more tunes for an upcoming album in 2019. Not to mention the fact that we are gigging everywhere up and down the East Coast of NSW this summer.

If you are keen to hear some new snippets of material every week follow @lttlekng on Insta for some tasty Tuesday tunes every…. Tuesday.

Because no good song ideas happen without coffee…

Because no good song ideas happen without coffee…


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LTTLE KNG is Christopher Boaz (left) & Joshua Matheson (right)

LTTLE KNG is Christopher Boaz (left) & Joshua Matheson (right)


LTTLE KNG… beginnings

LTTLE KNG is a producer based on the Mid North Coast of NSW whose curious cocktail of soul, hip-hop, and pop with a dash of reggae creates an eclectic mashup with a palpable vibe. 

From the bedroom studio to the stage, LTTLE KNG incorporates a collaborative live show ft Chris Boaz on drums, Pablo Blitzer on sax and Troy Cheers on bass combining clever melodies & catchy hooks to create a cocktail of musical tastiness.

This crafty act un-apologetically stay outside the box, moulding haunting vocals, cheeky riffs, dope rhythms and a collection of effects to create something a little bit interesting.

With influences that include Chet Faker, John Mayer, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Anderson Pack the LTTLE KNG sound is full of surprises and anything but predictable. LTTLE KNG’s self-titled debut EP was recorded at Myrtle Street Studios in Sydney under the watchful eye of producer Alex Gooden (Evermore, SAFIA), and the single ‘Perfectly Faulty” received radio play all over the country. Having toured the East Coast of Australia extensively over the past 5 years, as well as a brief launch tour of New Zealand’s South Island, each of the four collaborators have their respective PhD’s in spreading good vibes and making people move.

LTTLE KNG’s first full studio album ‘FOCUS” was released in November 2018 and was initially given away as a free download, with the single ‘What It Is” receiving some notable traction on community radio stations across the East Coast. 

With another release planned for later in 2019, LTTLE KNG is hard at work in the studio writing and recording. This is shaping up to be their best album yet so watch this space!